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  • We Have The Buyers!

    We Have Buyers Ready To Buy!

    At Greater Property Group we pride ourselves on our exclusive database of ‘ Buyers in Waiting ’ . This database is made up of ‘now’ Buyers who are  anxiously waiting for the right home to become available so they can write  the Seller an offer to purchase. We focus much of our marketing efforts on  attracting Buyers because we understand that what Sellers really want is a  Buyer for their home.
    We are constantly working at attracting new Buyers and currently have an  exclusive Database of 1,220 (and growing) who are ready to purchase! It’s  almost as though we are searching for a Buyer for your home, even before  you call us.
    Call us at 780-554-1241 or email office@gpgedmonton.com today for a FREE search and match of YOUR homes features to our 'Buyers in Waiting' database.
    PS. Ask us about our "System For Creating Multiple Offers" when we visit your home!